Animotherapy | human-animal intervention with animal assistance

It is a basal therapy mediated through the care of animals of any kind. It builds self-confidence, helps to overcome fear and creates a sense of responsibility for our own actions and for the living creature we work with.

Animotherapy is a suitable method for:

  • Strengthening self-confidence, self-control and communication
  • Clients with speech, concentration and learning disorders
  • Mentally handicapped clients
  • Total personality training


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Self-control, communication, mood correction, and attention development can be achieved with the right attitude and continuous work. It is also a good starting point for anyone who is not a good client for hippotherapy or who has little experience in animal-assisted interventions such as canistherapy or hippotherapy. It is often used for healthy clients in the form of personality training. We can stimulate different areas for clients with various disorders, such as speech, behavior, coordination or fine motor skills. We can combine animotherapy very effectively with ergotherapy, which has a lot of benefit for many clients.