Hippotherapy | human-animal intervention with the assistance of horses
A healing method that uses a living creature - horse in its process. The horse is a mediator, the medium between the client (patient) and the hippotherapy team.

Its goal is to alleviate, improve or even eliminate the client's physical, mental or social handicap. Each individual patient must be guided and led by an expert hippotherapy team based on individually tailored conditions and activities.
Hippotherapy offers a suitable solution for children from an early age for walking education or in post-traumatic periods, when the movement problems of clients are dealt with.

No ability to control a horse is required, everything is going on under the guidance of a hippotherapist. In cases where the client is afraid of as big an animal as the horse is, there are excellent therapies with the horse in the form of animotherapy or "personality training" and this way hippotherapy can be started with gradually and non-violently.


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During hippotherapy, muscle tension is relaxed, reflexes are involved to maintain balance and the ability to concentrate increases. It also has a beneficial effect on the psyche of a client.

The indication spectrum of hippotherapy is constantly expanding due to the accumulation of experience with a wide range of abnormalities ranging from learning, behavioral and speech disorder, through physical disability to severe psychotic conditions.

The positive effect of the horse is used in the fields of medicine, physiatry and physiotherapy. The rhythmic impulses generated by the movement of the horse are transmitted to humans and thus have a positive effect on the human body in a natural way. Direct contact of animal hair has an effective and progressive impact in reducing muscle hypertonia and limb spasticity, improving their motor skills. Hypotonia of the abdomen and back muscles is the most common reason for children with walking and balance problems.