Have you ever stayed in a caravan? If yes, it has surely been an unforgettable experience for you. If not, there's a unique possibility to try it and spend your family holiday in an original and pleasant way.

In our luxurious caravan of the world famous German make Hobby you will find everything. Comfort, spaciousness, intimacy, comfort, excitement, adventure and conditions suitable for a big family. A caravan is an ideal solution for those who, even far from home, want to be independent and seek something new, unusual and exceptional.

Caravan is an adventure family holiday

In a generous living-space on the wheels you will find a kitchen with a dining room, fridge, cooking plate, kitchen sink and all you need for dining and eating. A parent´s bedroom with a big double bed and room for children with two separate beds is a matter of course. In addition it’s possible to prepare a double-bed using the dining table and benches so it’s possible for four and even six people to sleep over in the caravan. It is a great type of accommodation for families with bigger number of children.

Clean and carefully maintained ladies' and mens´ toilets with the washbasins and showers are in a separate building. It is located 20 meters from the caravans.

In front of the caravan there’s a solid shelter with a small terrace. There you can find pleasant shade in the times of high temperatures and also a dry and spacious shelter in case of rains. Under the shed there’s also a garden table with chairs, so the residential caravan on wheels can easily become your new favourite kingdom. Go ahead, try it and be shure, that family holiday in caravan is unforgettable...