Open-air concert in natural amphitheater or in party tent with area of 1200 m2. These are opportunities for artists' performances offered by our resort. Podium in amphitheater has width of 12 meters and depth of 6 meters. It overlaps arched roof is made from waterproof canvas, which reaches the highest point of the distance of 6 meters from the surface of the stage. The actual stage is 1 meter high.

In front of the stage are electrical connections for 220 V and 380 V. Nearby is pleasant backstage for performers with new toilets and showers. We have organised a number of big performances and we invited the big stars of the Czech and Slovak popular music - like bands Čechomor (2011), IMT Smile (2012) or Vidiek (2015). Beautiful gem was the folk dance performance in 2015 performed by the Slovak national folk ballet group Lúčnica.

If you would like graced your corporate event, teambuilding meeting or private event with the concert of favorite band or singer, in our resort you have no problem with it.

Performances of famous music and dance artists in our resort