Private events


Since 1999, when we founded Villa Betula Resort, there were hundreds of family and private events in our restaurant, party tents and more recently in children's entertainment hall Babyland. We devote individual care to each client during preparation of event. Given the wide range of uses of our campus, accommodation, restaurant and dozens of attractions for children and adults, we are always trying to organize a private party with professional services and tailor-made program. It is an extraordinary event and every guest woul like to preserve beautiful and unique memories for that.

Our long-years experiences and well-coordinated team of cooks, bartenders, waiters, animators and other staff is guarantee of top management of any event. There is no obstacle for us and with each challenge we are able to tackle, so that our clients are fully satisfied. Glad to prove it to you.

Private events that we organize

  • wedding or wedding reception,
  • children welcoming,
  • christenings,
  • children's party, baby party,
  • birthday party, life jubilee,
  • celebration of high school graduation, post-secondary meeting,
  • university graduation ceremony,
  • wedding anniversary,
  • funeral reception,
  • any other outdoor and indoor family or private event.



NATURAL AREA 120.000 m2 - - -

1.200 m2

800 persons 1.000 persons 1.700 persons
LARGE-SCALE TENT "SMALL" 250 m2 170 persons 230 persons 360 persons
ENTERTAINMENT HALL 300 m2 160 persons 200 persons 430 persons
NATURAL AMPHITHEATER WITH STAGE 10.000 m2 - 500 persons without limit
CONGRESS ROOM 40 m2 30 persons 30 persons


RESTAURANT 70 m2 60 persons 60 persons -
COVERED TERRACE 100 m2 80 persons 80 persons 100 persons
GARDEN GAZEBO 60 m2 50 persons 50 persons -


If you would like more information, consultations, personal meeting or preliminary offer calculation, please contact us at any time via e-mail or by calling +421/905/547 766.