Resort facilities


We organize corporate events and family celebrations more than 15 years. In addition to the wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces, various attractions for children and adults or accommodation, we also offer catering with complete service. HERE is the catalogue of our catering facilities and equipment to party tents or halls.

Large-scale tent Big

Villa Betula Resort is situated on 12 hectares of meadows. One of the landmarks of our destination is a large party tent Big with covered area of ​​1.200 m2. Depending on disposition and arrangement of tables and chairs, we can comfortably feast there up to 1.000 persons. Inside this tent can be installed professional concert stage, solid floor with carpet, large screen or big led display, heaters and other devices according to client´s wishes. Under the ceiling there are air vents that can be opened or closed at any time.

Large-scale tent Small

Behind the pension there is another large-scale tent Small with an area of ​​250 m2 and a maximum capacity of about 350 people. We can make several entrances and exits in the tent, remove the lateral panels, open roof vents and arrange it with 43 seating sets. The whole tent has a wooden floor and it is impregnated with a special varnish against moisture.

Indian Teepee tent

We can arrange an original celebration or event in a giant Teepee tent with a diameter of 9 meters and a height of nearly 15 meters. Inside is a relaxation area, but we can set up a comfortable seating for 30-40 people there. The tent floor area is ​​about 63 m2 and it´s solid. Unconventional circular shape and conical base height gives to any event a special touch.

Roofed stage

Near the pine forrest stands a covered stage with wide of 12 meters and depth of 6 meters. Podium occupies an area of ​​72 m2 and its height reaches 1 meter. Behind the stage there are electrical connections for 220 V and 380 V. The stage has arched roof and the highest point of this roof is 6 meters high from the surface of the stage. The back wall of the stage is from a special movable mesh that can be unfold and close. We organised many shows and concerts there, for example well-known Czech and Slovak bands Čechomor, IMT Smile or Vidiek, but also the music-dance performances of famous folk ensembles Lúčnica and Kandráčovci and many others.

Roofed terrace

Immediately in front of the Restaurant Villa Betula is situated covered exterior terrace with a square footprint of 10 x 10 meters. It has a special anti-slip floor made of hardened plastic. In case of bad weather it can be jacketed safely on all four sides. There are also two gas heaters in case of cold weather. The terrace has 20 tables with 4 chairs, so it is comfortably suitable for 80 people.


In addition to large-scale party tents we also have six smaller tents in Pagoda style. The width of each pagoda is 4 m and length is 6 m. Each pagoda has an area of ​​24 m2. These tents can be used also together for roofing smaller area for a private event.

Garden gazebo

For family celebrations or weddings, but also for the small corporate events and other events, is suitable garden gazebo with stylish seating for 50 persons. It is located in a quiet area under the pine trees, so everyone can feel here comfortable and discreet. It is built from wood and tables with benches are made of solid wood and natural stone. The floor of the gazebo is made of solid tiles. From the east, the wide side of gazebo is open, but it can be also jacketed. Before the gazebo there are benches for 30 people and open-air fireplace surrounded by a hedge. Directly in the gazebo are electrical connections, as well as electric lighting.

Beer-sets for sitting

For the big events we have prepared 43 beer-sets for sitting with a capacity of 350 people. We have aslo another 5 sitting sets. Each of them can hold 8-12 people. Another 20 tables and 80 chairs are suitable only for solid floors in large tents or on the covered terrace. So we are able to arrange comfortable seating for up to 500 people.

We offer also several summer and winter attractions for our clients. Practically, there is no event that we could not prepare and organize.

Summer attractions

  • horse riding,
  • pony riding,
  • carriage ride with horses,
  • climbing rope labyrinth (9,5 m high),
  • jumping arena with 6 large-scale trampolines,
  • aquazorbing,
  • outdoor swimming pool,
  • fountain paradise with 16 fountains,
  • pedal carts and off-road track,
  • beach volleyball,
  • beach handball,
  • beach mini football,
  • beach tennis,
  • beach badminton,
  • beach ringo,
  • football with small goals or handball goals,
  • basketball,
  • petanque,
  • table tennis,
  • funny fourbicycle,
  • outdoor playground Babyland,
  • walking on ropes,
  • hiking,
  • cycling.

Winter attractions

  • snowtubing and snowpark,
  • children's ski lift,
  • open-air ice rink,
  • children's entertainment hall Babyland,
  • horse riding,
  • pony riding,
  • carriage ride with horses,
  • cross-country skiing,
  • hiking.