Bc. Pavlína Matulániová / hippotherapeutist and canistherapeutist

Pajka has been at the resort since birth. She is the daughter of Hanka and Pišta.

Since her childhood, she has been inclined towards animals and that is why she chose to study veterinary medicine. She is the founder of the Animal Therapist idea, which she put into practice and continues to develop. It also has very good results with hippotherapy and canisther apy. She spends most of her time on our farm and takes care of its smooth running and the satisfaction of all the wards. However, she handles all work processes, so you can meet her anywhere in the resort. Her work is her greatest hobby and mission. She decided to live in Betula. She chose a very unusual place above the stable, which she named "U kurky". (At Hen´s)

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