Horse riding

An equestrian adventure that will take you into the world of harmony between humans and horses. Enjoy unforgettable moments from the height of the horse's back, whether riding in our area, outside it, or in the covered riding arena. Witness the beauty of nature on horseback and discover the equestrian passion with our experienced instructors

Horse riding sessions takes place from 9:00 to 17:00 and is subject to prior reservation:



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Horse riding in the campus | 15 minutes

10 €

Horse riding in the campus | 30 minutes

20 €

Basic riding course - season ticket| 10 sessions x 45 minutes 

289 €

Trial lesson for those interested in the riding course | 45 minutes

30 €

Horse riding in countryside 1 person - advanced, independent rider 

40 €

Equestrian hall rental | 60 min - 1 animal

8 €

Equestrian hall rental | 60 min – each additional animal

5 €

Training with an instructor with own horse | 45 minutes

25 €

Movement practice of the horse with an instructor | 45 minutes

35 €


Important notice:

  • All services are conducted under the supervision of an instructor who oversees the sessions and safety measures.
  • It is necessary to book in at reception at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.
  • Accommodated clients take priority for horse riding bookings.
  • The service is available to the public only after phone agreement with the reception and available time slots on the day of visit.


  • We accept adults with a maximum weight limit of 90 kg and children from 2 years old
  • Horse riding lessons and instructions only available at horse riding course
  • In case of bad weather, walk sessions take place in the equestrian hall
  • Mandatory safety equipment: helmet and back protector - provided to clients on site
  • The price of horse riding does not include the admission fee to the BABYLAND playgrounds, you can find the price list HERE

Basic horse-riding course:

  • The course must be used within 12 months from date of purchase.
  • In the summer months (June, July, August) riding lessons are limited.
  • We accept adults with a weight limit of 80 kg per riding course
  • Children from the age of 8 can take the riding course.

Indicative course content | depends on individual abilities and skills of each client:

  • getting to know the horse, the saddle, holding the reins, caring for the horse, saddling the horse
  • mounting a horse, correct sitting, posture, safe work with a horse
  • controlling the horse in step, learning the basic instructions
  • at the beginning learning on the longe, gradually leading the horse independently
  • controlling a horse in a trot, trotting a horse, thigh seat, trot in a working seat independently or with the assistance of an instructor, mastering balance exercises
  • canter control, easy canter, working canter, mastered horse control at any pace
  • managing a horse in critical situations - a gallop, a jet or an unexpected startling of the horse
  • mastering small obstacles, gymnastics and strength building with a horse
  • last lesson – walk in nature/countryside, knowledge verification + horse preparation – cleaning, saddle mounting and unsaddling after the walk
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