Horse-riding lessons

Daily 9:00 - 16:30

Reservation required at least one day in advance: +421 907 812 327 or via mail

Horseback riding is provided for ACCOMMODATED CLIENTS. The service is available to the public only in agreement with the reception


HORSE RIDING - walk* in the riding hall or in the resort ** (15 minutes) 10 €
HORSE RIDING - walk* in the riding hall or in the resort ** (30 minutes) 20 €
BASIC RIDING COURSE ** (10 x 45 minutes) 289 €
HORSE RIDING - one-time trial lesson in the riding hall before the course (45 minutes) 30 €
HORSE RIDING IN NATURE ** advanced solo rider (45 minutes, 1 person) 40 €
RIDING HALL RENTAL **  (60 min/1 animal) 8 €
RIDING HALL RENTAL **  (60 min/1 every other animal) 5 €
CLIENT TRAINING WITH OWN HORSE **  (45 minutes) 15 €


We accept riders with a limit of up to 90 kg for walks and up to 80 kg for a riding course or horse riding in the nature.

* the walk usually takes place in the area and in case of bad weather in the riding hall

** attractions are suitable for children and adults

The attractions of Villa Betula Resort are not included in price of horseback riding (price list

BASIC RIDING COURSE - it is possible to take riding lessons within 12 months of purchasing the course, in the summer months (June, July, August) riding lessons are limited.

Indicative content of the course (depends individually on the abilities and circumstances of each client):

  • getting to know the horse, the saddle, holding the bridle, taking care for the horse, saddling the horse
  • mounting a horse, correct sitting, body posture, safe work with a horse
  • controlling the horse in step, learning the basic instructions
  • at the beginning learning on the lunge, gradually leading the horse on your own
  • control of a horse in a trot, horse trotting, thigh trot, working trot independently or with the help of an instructor, mastered balance exercises
  • canter control, easy canter, working canter, mastered horse control at any pace
  • managing a horse in a crisis situation - a gallop, a jet or an unexpected startling of the horse
  • mastered small obstacles, gymnastics and strengthening with a horse
  • last lesson – walk in nature, knowledge verification + horse preparation – cleaning, mounting and unsaddling after the walk

We accept reservations on 0907 812 327 or at