Our team


Ing. Oliver Matuláni / project and development manager

Oliver is in Resort also since the beginning, he is first-born son of Anna and Štefan. Besides this he is also a huge supporter of IT technologies, developer and inventor with sense of details. He does everything connected with resort operation. He l...


Jaroslava Kundľová / riding instructor

Jarka is team member since the beginning of year 2022. She is horse riding instructor and right hand of Katka. Jarka takes care our horses have always full bellies. So our visitors still can enjoy beautiful nature in Liptov from horse back. Since her...

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Kateřina Benčová / riding instructor

Kateřina is in resort since 2017. She is a riding instructor and cares for horses on daily basis, so they are in a good physical and mental condition. She passes her riding experiences to our clients during lessons or during walks in nature. With her...


Simona Ondrejková / animátor

Simka has been working with us since June 2023. Our little ones are always immediately entertained when she walks in. Since she is a graduate of the school of art industry, she likes to participate in the workshops, which are a popular part of the an...


Ingrida Jagelková / chief animator

Inga, as we call her, is in resort since 2019. She takes care if the entertainment of all children. She is always smiling and in a positive mood. She draws from an endless well of ideas and like to by inspired by nature. But she is that good that she...


Milan Maršalka / chef

Milan is in resort since its beginning. He takes care of the full bellies of all guests and also team members. His one´s strong point is cooking the best meals according to his own recipes. The absolute gastronomic experience of his cuisine is his ...


Anna Majerčáková / cook

Anna is in resort since 2012. She prepares meals like from mother, because she herself is a 5-time mother. He puts not only her many years of experience into cookng, but also love and passion , which you will appreciate if you order something in our ...


Jarmila Borošková / cook and pastrycook

Jarmila has been in the resort since 2017. She can prepare specialities of all kinds, but when she mixes homemade cones or langoustines, believe us no one can resist. Every holiday she makes sure that our tables have different types of homemade cakes...


Zuzana Esperón Corcho / receptionist

Zuzka has been a member of the team since spring 2023. After a short break in the banking sector she returned to the hotel industry. She manages the work at the reception with professionalism and willingly fulfills all requests of our clients. She ...


Vierka Jančíková | waitress

Vierka is a full-time mom and the powerhouse of our resort. Whenever her daughter Elizabeth allows it, even a bit, she runs over to clear her head with us, and we gladly make use of her versatile abilities. She started working with us as a chamber...


Alexandra / waitress

Alexandra has been working at the resort since March 2023. With her friendly approach and willingness she wins the sympathy of all guests. An inseparable part of her with which she can very quickly infect surroundings is a smile. For her, no problem ...


Elena Bukovinská / waitress

Elka has been working at the resort since November 2023. She is very popular in our Betula family for her non-conflictual nature and positive thinking. She is a sunshine of Babyland. She always serves everyone who visits our cafe with a smile on his ...


Eva Vondrová / waitress

Evka has been in our resort since autumn 2022. A good holiday also includes good food, we are glad that Evka is a part of our team at the restaurant, who will serve you with a smile and willingly give advice if necessary. She is a graduate of the ho...


Matej Petráš / campus manager

Matej is versatile and always in a positive mood. We appreciate his skills for any malfunction or technical consultation. He likes to work with wood but he also often repairs a coffee machine, washing machine or engine. Since his job includes takin...


Miroslav Beňuš / maintainer and gardener

Miroslav is the oldest member of the Villa Betula Resort team. He was already involved in construction in 1997. He knows all the nooks and crannies and under his hands things are turning into more beautiful ones. He skillfully controls all the machin...


Zuzana Gajdošová / lifeguard, gardener

Zuzana become part of our team in 2020. She takes care of safety and cleanliness of our attraction, but many times you can find her assisting with maintaince. During summer she takes care of our flowers. Zuzana´s hobby is biathlon, which she was dev...

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Darinka Hajková / chambermaid

Darinka has been a flexible part of our team for many years. She know Villa Betula like her own palm. Every day she spends in our young and cheerful team she can transform into the infinite energy. Even though she is already 10 years retired on pensi...

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Kristína Šimášková / chambermaid

Kristínka has been part of the team since 2020. Together with Vierka, they form an inseparable duo who make sure that you feel at home during your stay. Just as Kristínka takes care of the pleasant appearance of our premises, you will always see h...

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Vierka Hladišová / chambermaid

Vierka has been in the resort since 2020. She takes care of the cleanliness and pleasant environment of your rooms and all the space your enjoy during your stay. She became friend with professional ozone generator very quickly. She uses it every day...

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Mária Furgaľáková / chambermaid

Majka joined us in February 2024, making her the freshest addition to our family. Initially, she assisted our girls with cleaning, but eventually, she took on an entirely different role. The new laundry room needed its boss, someone to oversee tho...


Ing. Magdaléna Gaálová / canistherapist

Meggie currently works as our external colleague. Her job is dog-assisted intervention (canis therapy) which she performs with her four-legged friends Bexa and Darco. Meggie has been part of the family for many years and she used to work at the recep...


Jozef Pavlík / operation manager

Jozef has been working with us since June 2023. With his skills acquired while working in Slovakia but also abroad, he quickly established himself in all work processes. His friendly and diplomatic communication is clearly his strong point. He is ...


Martin Brezina & Vlastička Brezinová

The foundation stone of Villa Betula resort*** was laid by Anka's parents Martin and Vlasta Brezinovci. They spent their entire lives in hotel services and, together with their three daughters Vlastička, Anka and Martinka, have built the resort from ...


Ivana Holigová / manager of Hotel Steve and stock records

Ivka has been at the resort since 2005. She is in charge of our stock records, inventories and is the right hand of the boss Hanka. Ivka is a direct person with insight and a realistic view of the world, thanks to which we can also look at situation...


Bc. Pavlína Matulániová / hippotherapeutist and canistherapeutist

Pajka has been at the resort since birth. She is the daughter of Hanka and Pišta. Since her childhood, she has been inclined towards animals and that is why she chose to study veterinary medicine. She is the founder of the Animal Therapist idea, whic...


Michal Matuláni / assistent

Miško has been in the resort since he was born in July 2008 :-) He is the youngest son of Hanka and Pišta. He has been part of the management of the resort since his first steps. He has been involved in all work processes since he was a child, and h...

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Mgr. Jana Klačková / accountant

Janka has been a member of our team since November 2021. She analyses every economic operation in detail, she is very thorough and conscientious. She always approaches tasks responsibly and guards our family treasury with honesty. Her strong point i...


Marcela Holigová / operation manager

Macka has been at the resort since her student days when she started here as a part-time employee. She has gone through almost all positions and is currently the Operations manager. She oversees the smooth operation of the resort and is a great su...


Štefan Matuláni / technical manager

Pišta has been in the resort since the beginning... :-) He is Hanka's husband and one of the creators of the idea to build this resort on a green meadow. 20 years ago, when there were no water parks in this part of Liptov, hardly anyone believed t...


Anna Brezinová / general manager

Anka has been at the resort, as she says, since the beginning... of 1999. Her official position is general manager. In order for our guests to find a real home and feel welcome, she creates background support. She is the mother of the entire resor...

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