Private Kindergarten - Mánesova 23, Košice

Allow me to write a few words as well.
It is evident that the owners devote a great amount of energy, finances, and personal contribution to such a demanding business as your establishment undoubtedly is.
It requires perfect thinking, management, but above all, humble and hardworking people around you.
I know what I am talking about, believe me.
And this, along with the enchanting nature, makes your establishment unique.
I wish you all the best, many satisfied clients, and I firmly believe that we will see each other in the future - whether as a kindergarten or with our families.

Thank you for everything; our children had wonderful experiences!

Best regards and wishing you a beautiful day,

MVDr. Kornélia Čulenová, Founder of Private Kindergarten Mánesova 23, Košice


Eltek, s.r.o.

We organised several corporate events at Villa Betula resort. Either we needed team building activities for selected groups of employees or strategic meetings for the company's management, we have always been extremely satisfied with the organisation, service, and the quality of their delicious cuisine. All this is complemented by a pleasant environment and beautiful surrounding nature. Thank you and we look forward to the next event at Villa Betula Resort.

Martina Pavlíková, HR manager, Eltek



When choosing a corporate event, we considered several alternatives in several regions of Slovakia. Since it was a family day, we needed premises and grounds that would meet all our requirements. This meant that it was necessary to take into account the fact that the event took place at the end of September, and therefore we had to take into account bad weather. All age groups took part in the event, for which we had to provide an all-day program and refreshments. The original plan was to hire an agency, but after the first meeting with the owner of the resort, it was clear to us that Mrs. Anka has so much experience and contacts that we will definitely not need the agency's help. In addition, the entire area offered generous outdoor and indoor spaces, so the event would not be at all threatened by bad weather. The decision was therefore very quick and clear, and during the preparations for the event, we actively discussed all the details with Mrs. Anka, who was very helpful in this regard - she knew how to advise, help, equip, order and, in the event of our wrong choice, even speak up :-) For all the little ones and large participants of the event, and there were not a few of us, and of course, on behalf of EUROVIA SK, we can certainly continue to recommend Villa Betula resort and we are counting on them again with our next event.

Mgr. Lenka Kubejová, PR manager and spokeswoman, EUROVIA SK


dm drogerie markt, s.r.o. and everyvent s.r.o.

It was a pleasure to organise a big event in Villa Betula resort. By working together, and also thanks to the professional approach, organisation, kind communication and willingness of the entire Villa Betula team, we managed to organise an event of huge proportions for 1,500 people, which all participants will remember for a long time and above all bring smile to their faces.

Iveta Haulíková, managing director of the agency, everyvent


Eltek, s.r.o., A Delta Group Company

Thanks for a great event! For delicious food, cheerful entertainment, happy children, satisfied parents and moved organizers. The response from our staff has been fantastic. We haven't received so many positive e-mails and words of praise in a long time. Here are a few of them that you can use as references:

"On behalf of the distribution centre team, I would like to thank you for the excellently organised Open Day at Eltek. All of us, including our families, were excited and happy that thanks to you, we were able to show those closest to us where we work."

"I want to share with you my view and also the view of my family, with whom we were at the Open Day of our company. We rate it very, very, very positively, from the organisational side to the refreshments. Everything was perfectly prepared and managed. It was appraised by my mother, who is 78 years old, myself (55) and my son, who is 14 years old. We were all very satisfied."

Martina Pavlíková, HR manager, Eltek


Mondi SCP, a.s. and partners

Absolutely flawless service, extremely helpful staff, pleasant environment, luxurious food... Thank you very much once again!

Martina Hlavatá, communications manager, Mondi SCP


IKEA Industry Slovakia s.r.o.

We would like to thank you once again for the preparation and organisation of our corporate event at Villa Betula Resort - people really liked it. Our employees were satisfied and we are not even talking about the children. They went crazy and the weather was also excellent.

Iveta Ondrušová, HR manager, IKEA Industry Slovakia


J & R INSPIRE, spol. Ltd.

We want to thank you all very much for everything you did for us during our stove and chimney days. We pass on the compliments of our guests. They were delighted with the environment, the service, your services and would be very happy to come back to you again. Please say hello to all the staff who took care of us. We thank you.

Róbert Šalvata, managing director, J & R INSPIRE; Jozef Karlík, managing director, J & R INSPIRE


eXperTz s.r.o

Even after a few days, we want to thank you for the inspiring meeting with you and your girls at Villa Betula. It is always a pleasure to work with such open, receptive minds, pleasant souls. You do a great job, not only towards the guests, but also towards the employees, and for that you have our great admiration. You make the hotel industry a pleasurable work field.

ING. LUCIA KAZDOVÁ, Founder, trainer, eXperTz s.r.o.


Jozef MARKUŠ with the whole family (30 people)

We experienced a truly wonderful and unforgettable long weekend at Villa Betula In memory of our late grandmother, I organised a gathering of her entire family (30 people) with the aim of being together and experiencing something extraordinary and for us to remember it for a long time.

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