Martin Brezina & Vlastička Brezinová

The foundation stone of Villa Betula resort*** was laid by Anka's parents Martin and Vlasta Brezinovci. They spent their entire lives in hotel services and, together with their three daughters Vlastička, Anka and Martinka, have built the resort from 1997 and participated in its operation until 2005. Since 2005, Anka has taken over the resort with help of Pišta and their children Oliver, Pavlínka and Miško.

Unfortunately, Martin Brezina suddenly passed away on 8th January, 2022, until the last moment of his life he was a respected leader of the Villa Betula team and a natural icon for its members, who have been working with us since his leadership until today.

"Dear grandfather, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for becoming a part of our lives, teaching us responsibility, building our relationship with work, family, and friends and spicing up our lives with humour and love."

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