Matej Petráš / campus manager

Matej is versatile and always in a positive mood. 
We appreciate his skills for any malfunction or technical consultation. He likes to work with wood but he also often repairs a coffee machine, washing machine or engine. Since his job includes taking care of our farm, he has the largest and most grateful fan club in these animal residents of the Villa Betula Resort. He often intervenes even after working hours, because his handicap is precisely that he lives above the stables, so he is on so-called permanent standby. As much as he likes to swim, his duties during the summer also include taking care of our new pool. He moved to us from Piešťany right after his heart burned for our Pavlínka, but he has his roots in Liptov through his grandparents. In his free time, he likes to cook a lot and never disdains a yeast spread :)

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