Elena Bukovinská / waitress

Elka has been working at the resort since November 2023. She is very popular in our Betula family for her non-conflictual nature and positive thinking. She is a sunshine of Babyland. She always serves everyone who visits our cafe with a smile on his face. She skillfully prepares a delicious cappuccino for you which she never forgets to decorate with a nice picture. She is a team player and a flexible member of our family. In a relatively short time she already had the opportunity to try several job positions. Her ambition is to study at a teacher training school. She is already preparing for it, when she runs out of the cafe to have the animators paint something nice on her face. In her free time she likes to read a good book, ideally with a crime plot. She considers stealing dogs to be her mania, but she will be happy to explain it to you in person. When you want to thank her, do it with schnitzel rather than chocolate :)

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