Vierka Jančíková | waitress

Vierka is a full-time mom and the powerhouse of our resort.

Whenever her daughter Elizabeth allows it, even a bit, she runs over to clear her head with us, and we gladly make use of her versatile abilities. She started working with us as a chambermaid when she came among the girls with her own little cloth in the spring of 2023. Since she is very communicative, and we like to give opportunities for realization in our team, it didn't take long before you could meet her in the restaurant. Later, she also made herself at home in the Babyland café. She applied her talent as the 'Queen of Harmony' when she stepped in for our animator and handled the fairy-tale themes exceptionally well. Before moving to Slovakia with her friend and little Eli, she worked abroad. At every step, she convinces us of the temperament, optimism, and genuine generosity she has gained during her few years of hosting with the Italians. If you ever manage to meet Vierka with us, know that you have the honor of meeting someone who does her job with full dedication and love.

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