Our horses and animals


This horse was rescued from a farm where he was alone and abandoned. That is why he now enjoys the company of people and especially children. He loves contact with people. He has a calm and relaxed nature, so he is an ideal companion during therapies. It was a Baron that was our first hippotherapy horse. He has been staying in our stable since summer 2016. And what are his typical signs? He is smaller than Filip and Oskar and has three socks on his legs. And one more secret about Baron - he's the best model in the stables, he just loves taking pictures and quite often his pictures are very funny.

Oskar and Filip

Two mare sisters were expecting foals at the same time. There would be nothing strange about it if the future proud father wouldn't be the same horse. Brothers Filip and Oskar were born in March 2009 two days apart. Since then, they are inseparable. We call them horse-carriage duo, they love to carry people in the carriage and prefer brides. They are similar, but there are still a few differences between them. Oskar is very energetic and active horse and sweetheart of our instructor Katka. All his legs are black and he has a shorter tail than Filip. Filip has a white sock on his back left leg and he is a wonderfully patient and peaceful horse, an ideal partner for hippotherapy and for all children who want to learn to ride a horse.


This beautiful spotted mare was born in March 2013 near Villa Betula. This breed is also called a Gypsy horse, because it was bred by Gypsies traveling on the British Isles. She has a special hair on her legs, which once served as a protection, as in the past these breeds were used mainly to work in the mountains or pulling carriages. Janne is a great partner who loves not only children but also adults. She primarily helps as a hippotherapy horse during therapies but she also enjoys outdoor walks. As a typical woman, she likes to show herself. Her beautiful long and thick mane is braided by the children from Babyland, who take care of her hair creations.


The youngest addition in the stables and his temperament is evident. He is a very energetic horse - such a rascal with mischievous look. He's a cross-breed and also the smallest horse we have in our stables, which is a great advantage for smaller children and babies. Being smaller in stature, children can jump more easily on him and they are not so high above the ground. He's being gradually involved in hippotherapy. He's not brown, but redhead, and very pleased with his appearance. Therefore, he's got a regular prescription for beautification procedure - cutting his redhead mane.


She's a Slovak warm-blooded horse breed, that is a representative of a sport horse. Zorka is a retired show-jumping mare, who has already jumped more than enough. Now she enjoys retirement life and such as the teacher she oversees the order and other horses in the stable. Despite the great age difference between Zorka and Šón, a love was born. Since love knows no obstacles and especially for the show-jumping horse there are no obstacles that can not be jumped over, nothing prevents the continuation of their relationship. So together they enjoy the days in the paddock at Villa Betula. While Šón rides with children during the lessons, Zorka watches them downhill and she makes sure that everything is all right.


He was born in 2006 and came to us as a 5-year-old. He likes to go out for a walks in nature, where he shows his mischievous character. Paris is our model, who likes to be part of wedding photos. One day we might teach him to show out his teeth so we can see his charming smile. Both children and adults like to ride him. He is an obedient horse suitable for field. At our riding school he has already taught his time, so we are looking for a new loving home where he will have one rider.


Titanic was given a name determined by his size at birth. He was so large that he resembled a three-month old foal. He was born as the last horse of mum Fantagiro, who lived in America and from there she was transported to Europe. Titanic was born in Villa Betula in 2013, so he's a homemade member of our stables. The horse breed is American painthorse. It's a perfect combination of athletic qualities and speed with beautiful coloring. This breed found its first use at american ranches in the USA, where it drove many cows into the corral. And that is why our Titanic likes to run over the Liptov hills and his rides are enjoyed especially by experienced riders / cowboys.

Leo (minihorse)

Leo is already in retirement and he will gradually enjoy more and more rest. He was born in 1998 and has managed to make a smile for many children in his life. It is interesting that ponies can live up to 30 years depending on the conditions in which they live. This pony is a Shetland type. And because he likes to eat and his belly grows, he slowly becomes more wider than taller.


Successor of our retiree Leo is Mates. He is a Shetland type pony whose height does not usually exceed 115 cm. In the past, this breed has been used to work in mines because of its strength and small stature. Our Mates is a little overgrown, not quite a typical pony. He is a lively and little bit crazy foal with a good character born in 2017. In 2020 he has a responsible role in front of him - he will take Leo's role and he will start to take kids for a rides.


Donkey Marko is saddled and he regularly carries even the smallest children. From time to time they also go for a walk outside the premises. Marko is the father of mule Mixie, that we will discuss in the next story, which is more than interesting and surprisingly spicy. Donkeys do not like heavy rain and cold weather, they are very hardworking and can carry very heavy loads exceeding their weight. They are easy to gain weight and therefore their condition must be taken into consideration. Donkeys love society and they hate solitude, then they literally suffer and begin to think of mischievous things.


Mula (a crossbreed of a horse and donkey), that was born in the summer of 2017. Her mum is a mare and a daddy is our donkey Marko. On our farm, her birth was a big surprise, since nobody expected it. We do not yet know what will grow out of her, because her mother is a Lipizzan mare and this breed is known to have black foals whose color will turn white into their adulthood. So we will need to wait for her final color for a while.